Postal Technology International Awards 2010



Automation Technology of the Year: Webcoding from Prime Vision/TNT Shore

Postal organisations are constantly looking to reduce processing costs. Automation improves efficiency and therefore helps to reduce costs. However a proportion of mail will always require some form of manual processing, especially with regard to checking recipient address via video-coding during sorting. At the same time postal organisations are launching new services that rely on capturing much more information from the mailpiece than has historically been required for sorting purposes – adding more demand for manual keying and checks.

Prime Vision WebCoding is a new product that opens the door to immediate cost-savings in processing all types of mail streams, whether letters, flats or parcels. WebCoding enables postal organisations to combine the manual keying activities of multiple mail sorting machines, multiple sorting centres and ultimately even multiple countries, in one location.

Prime Vision WebCoding has been developed and proven in multiple countries for TNT Post. In fact TNT has used the WebCoding product to develop its new TNT Post Shore offshore keying service. This service provides a cost-per-click, fully inclusive model for high-speed, accurate and low-cost keying in lower cost countries.

TNT Post noticed a growing demand for cost saving and flexible solutions with regard to sorting processes, with the main driver being the decrease of mail volumes. The benefit of the TNT Post Shore solution is that posts can offshore scanning and web coding. This helps to increase quality and flexibility, and decrease costs in sorting processes for customers.

Postal organisations can use WebCoding from Prime Vision in various modes. Introduced in phases, for example, the solution can be deployed 100 percent in-house with the keying done centrally or distributed via a web-based client, yielding substantial cost-savings and better resource management. Optionally the next step can be taken to take the keying tasks offshore via the TNT Post Shore service, which will realise additional cost-savings.

Eddy Thans, CEO at Prime Vision, says: “TNT is one of Prime Vision’s largest clients and has implemented our recognition and coding solutions at all letters, flats and parcel sorting centres in the Netherlands and also across the letter sorting centres in the UK.”

Mario Suykerbuyk, director, TNT Post Shore, added, “TNT Post Shore is established as separate entity within TNT to partner with other postal and parcel organisations to establish even better cost savings for the pool of organisations willing to outsource their web coding using the Prime Vision/TNT Post Shore platform.”


  • DS-75 Mid-Volume Folder Inserter from Neopost
  • @end by Lyngsoe Systems
  • IntelliScan from QEF
  • TNT Shore / WebCoding from Prime Vision
  • CSN840 Pallet from Mettler Toledo