Postal Technology International Awards 2014



Parcel Handling Innovation of the Year:
CMC’s Cartonwrap

The growth of e-commerce has been a revolution in the postal industry, resulting in greater demands from consumers, and potential headaches for distributors. For delivery companies, there are problems matching the size of the product being shipped, with the size of the box in which it is dispatched, leading to an over-reliance on fillers. As a result, extra manpower is required, and the cost of shipments is often set too high.

What CMC is proposing with its now award-winning Cartonwrap system is an automated approach. “Products from the picking area enter the machine inlet sections, and a dedicated scanner reads the product in 3D, determining the dimensions of the box itself,” explains Giuseppe Ponti, founder and president of CMC. “With this data, the machine is able to cut to the precise measurements, erect the box, wrap the product, add an invoice, apply the labels and print out the shipping data.”

If that sounds like a lot of work, it’s because it is: CMC believes Cartonwrap can do the job of 16 people each day. “All operations that, at the moment, are performed manually, will be eliminated with the Cartonwrap system,” says Ponti. Somewhere between eight and 10 operators are being replaced by our machine, which produces between 5,000 and 8,000 items in an eight-hour shift, working in two shifts a day. “This process reduces costs, allows for increased capacity, aids supply chain management, and means environmental accreditations can be met,” says Ponti. “All this time, it maintains the same level of quality that is required of these packages.”

The Cartonwrap machine, which is operated by one person, can run from different reel and carton widths, from 600mm to 1,200mm, using either a single-faced or double-walled substrate. “To create the box you can use different kinds of corrugated carton to achieve the best strength, based on the item’s weight and the necessary degree of protection,” explains Ponti. “We can input the carton from continuous roll, fanfold and cut sheets. The carton from the roll will be single face, but you can also have single wall, or double wall for more robust boxes.”

Ponti says there is huge potential for customers to use the machines for a wide range of initiatives to help improve their businesses. “The machine is modular, and it is possible to add several feeders to feed advertisement inserts inside the box or print logos or slogans on the outside. Obviously this kind of customisation increases the value of the shipment to the manufacturer’s advantage, but these are what we call ‘One to One’ boxes – they become a real marketing instrument.”

Cartonwrap will be further developed as the system is refined and distribution companies learn how best to use it. “Cartonwrap is an open system to operate within the on-demand e-commerce market, which has been designed to help achieve continuous development,” states Ponti. “At the moment we are working on other applications, such as customised inkjet printing on the outside of the box, including full colour printing on the whole surface of the box. We are also studying a picking system that automatically selects the product from the warehouse/shelves and takes it to the machine’s feeding area, eliminating manpower.”


  • Parcel Hub Suite by Siemens
  • Cartonwrap by CMC
  • Cubetape version two
  • IQ-Grid from VanRiet